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Canada, Halifax
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I am my name I watch, watching is my pleasure! My avatar is me, a horny watcher fat little male animal. My other picture is what I want you to see while you are contorting and stuffing your person for my fantasy, that personage is nicer on your eyes than my true obscene masturbating activities.
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I am voyeur. I watch naked girls, ebony latinas preferred. Your pussy 4 me!
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Today Sunday 24th April 2022 I was informed by my favourite Model,
That I had contacted her on her social media and tried to blackmail her into
giving me intimate material.
I was shocked. I will happily tip a model for a show, enjoy the show, thank the model
and leave it at that, if she was exceptional I would return.
After investigation and discussion with another member who frequents the same model
and had the same thing happen to him in another room.
We have discovered that there is an unscrupulousness member on this site, who tracks down
models on their social media. Then observes the model's room, takes note of generous and or frequent tippers.
He then usurps that member's name on a social media, contacts the model under the false identity,
and using threats, to obtain intimate material from model.
BEWARNED if your favourite model becomes COLD towards you,
this is what has gone down..
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My sexy man.