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26, Овен, Poland
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Сексуальные предпочтенияБисексуал
Рост>5'7" - 5'9" [170см - 175см]
Вес160 - 180 фунтов [70 - 80 кг]
Этническое происхождениеЕвропейское/Кавказское
ЯзыкиРусский, Английский
Интимная стрижкаВолосатая
Размер грудиОгромные
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Welcome to my chat room! Have fun with me!
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Понедельник 23:00 – 6:00
Вторник 23:00 – 4:00
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Пятница 23:00 – 6:00
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Воскресенье 23:00 – 6:00

kiss me love Sticker by Jouer Cosmeticskiss me love Sticker by Jouer Cosmeticskiss me love Sticker by Jouer Cosmetics

I possess an uncanny ability to satisfy your indulgences while bringing out your most primal self. I’m a multi-faceted experience and a highly trained kink expert. I’m your perfect guide if you want to explore new or established interests but look no further if you crave crave a slow and meaningful touch. I am very open-minded so please do not be afraid to share your deepest thoughts with me! Mild or wild- anything goes with this muse.

helena4u Welcome custom pic 1helena4u Welcome custom pic 2

My interests!

In general, I’m into meditation, reading books about 70s rock’n’roll and punk history, Japanese motorcycles, cooking farm-to-table style, collecting first press vinyl records with the inserts, vintage band shirts, plants, leather, and eating steaks.

I can go from hipster rock’n’roller in an old band shirt, tight black jeans, and boots to an upscale dining companion at the flip of a switch. In many ways, I am a chameleon and I can go anywhere and bring enjoyment to every situation.

A Duty To Offend: The Art Of The Punk Black Leather Jacket my badlands cd comes tuesday bruh AND my blurryface album got cancelled because it was out of stock 

Music for chill

Love roses!

ATLANTIC PACIFIC // BLAIR EADIE oses for a bouquet is a classic choice. Photo by Serena Genovese Photography #micamaraph #weddings #weddingideas #weddinginspiration

Roses can have several different meanings depending on their color. Red roses symbolize love and desire, while dark red roses are a symbol of unconscious beauty. Pink roses mean grace, happiness and gentleness; white roses mean purity, innocence, reverence, and silence; yellow roses symbolize new beginnings, joy and friendship; orange roses symbolize desire and enthusiasm; and coral roses symbolize friendship, modesty and empathy. Lavender roses represent love at first sight. 

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Букет цветов
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если мне 22 года могло бы у нас что нибудь получится?
очень очень хочется к ней в реале ... ммм ...
божественная девочка ... фигура просто сводит с ума ... и очень сладенькая пися
Добавь в друзья плз!!! 💚💚💚
Очень понравилась девушка с первого взгляда как только увидел.
красивая, умная, заботливая, добрая, нежная, милая, очаровательная, обворожительная, неповторимая, неописуемая, незабываемая, неотразимая, шикарная, ослепительная, страстная, недоступная, божественная, завораживающая, ангельская, лучезарная, сексапильная, яркая, пушистая, сногсшибательная, стройная, обольстительная, кокетливая, утончённая, грациозная, весёлая, энергичная, коммуникабельная, тактичная, романтичная, разносторонняя, сказочная, пылкая, ласковая, сладенькая.


░░╙─╜░░╙─────╜░╙─────╜ helena4u
Flavor of kinky love

helena4u Flavor of kinky love custom pic 1

Have you been curious about trying flavors other than vanilla? Or maybe spicy is how you've always liked it.

Either way, I'd like to introduce you to a feast of epicurean delights with this unique and highly trained Pro-Domme.

I am not your archetype of cold and cruel Dominatrix...

I'm more of a sensual sadist and merciless playful tease.

No matter what your level of experience, from kink virgin to seasoned player, I welcome all lovers of creative play and pleasure. Our time together will be crafted to your specific kinks and hard limits, executed with sharp precision.

Every one of my bespoke sessions is catered just for you.

Let's find your flavor together because tied and teased is bound to please!

Oh lalala

Hope you feeling happy right now!

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