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GentleLovers1 - I actually used to like this couple. Unfortunatelly they turned out to be selfish and greedy. I've been kicked out of their channel just for not doing or saying anything whatsoever for about 5 minutes. Unless of course, they selfishly assumed that my tokens belongs to them. No, my pathetic darlings, my tokens belongs to me and I decide what to with them. To everyone like them: NO ONE HERE OWES ANYTHING TO ANYBODY. CUSTOMER PAYS, MODEL PERFORMS ACCORDING TO THAT. THATS IT. Get it?
ChloeAwsome - Classic PVT-spy chat trap. Doesnt show anything, just counts that people will join spy mode and talk to them as much as possible to take their tokens for nothing in return. Words like "bitch" were invented for such things like her.
XXXSQUIRTYXXX - What a angry creature made by greediyness: waited more than 1 hour for me to get online, just to insult me live, because I didnt stay in her group/pvt chat trap.
SPECIAL note about the HALL OF SHAME list:

This list is to expose the selfish, greedy, cheating and pathetic models who doesnt deserve to be tipped. Just because of their pitiful nature, they lost the generosity of a Titan user. So guys, dont waste your time and tokens with them. There are other very beautiful and nice ladies who really deserve our appreciation.
MillyShyness - another pre-recorded video
Lolli-Popa - confusing group chat with full private and does requests only to one person from the group even he is not tipping her.
NikkiLive - ~45yo greedy "german", pretending to be 30yo (how pathetic) who wants to answer my question about the pvt show in pvt. Like if I have question about a car I am about to buy, I first have to buy it. Once she realized I will not fall in her greedy trap to suck my tokens easily, she banned me.
HALL OF SHAME - pittiful models:

CatalinaSweet - fake profile
Cuntyparadise - cheats
-Snowcherry- - another cheater who doesnt do what she is payed for
RenneLisa - woman with a lot of anger inside, also not polish but ukrainian
SailenaRey - another greedy ukrainian pretending to be polish, with a pittiful soul.
-IceBabyIce- - The greediest model ever! Blocked me 20 seconds after I joined her channel just because I didn't tip her immediatelly on spot before even say hello :D.
THE BROKEN MIND - Of course, this is not her real nick, but this girl is so broken. I almost left Bnga because of her. We had great time and I spent huge amount of tokens on her but I regret it. She doesnt deserve even 1 token. Why? Because she sold her soul. Many girls here have issues with their parents. But this one does to people exactly the same thing her parents do to her. Ironic, right? Well, her destiny, her choices. I will not be part of it.
RozaVip_8 - 350 tokens just put a mask and show bra. cheater.
InnocentLove - 600 tokens just to allow you private and maybe show tits. Greedy.
Madison-Clark - fakes squirt by putting baloon with water in the pussy
Liliya010 - another greedy Ukrainian. Blocked me for not answering her hello messge after seeing my tokens
Dream022 - cheats. You pay for full naked but get tits only
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