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United Kingdom, London
Существенные детали -FIRE-
Рост>5'10" - 6" [175см - 185см]
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Smart, sexy and pretty girls who make me smile )
My beautiful friends.
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I love you
because you made me
want to love you
more than I love my privacy
my freedom, my commitments
and responsibilities.
Fire- like the symbol of light and heat.
Fire mighty and powerful fire.
Fire flame, fire campfire,
Beyond the people sent gifts.
Fire and flame-essence of a soul.
Loving, glowing fiery heart.
Fire spiritual ills crushing,
We open new doors again.
To the world. where grace and warmth,
In a world where there is always soulful, humanity,
There, where compassion and love,
I wish that it was eternity!
I love sitting at the fireplace,
And drinking a slightly sweet tea,
And caught up in a large and very soft rug,
Dream ... like I was in a paradise on earth ...
Love fire, flying in the sky,
Wide range and scope of solar fire.
And the flame of words and fiery song
And the heart of another, full of fire!
Stand up guy! Thank you!
Dear Fire

Giving thanks for friends like you on this special occasion. Happy Easter!

With love Ana x
Happy Valentine's Day!
Today Very MAGIC date 2.02.20! All our desires must come True!
I wish You Happiness, Health & Wealth and All Your dreams come TRUE!
Again Christmas and Yours Wonderful Birthday - Be Happy, Healthy, more Smile, and Have more Money in this Year! Very Happy Birthday to You, my Wonderful Friend!
Happy birthday🎁
happy birthday to youuu
happy birthday to youuuu
happpy birthday to youuuuuuu my dear friend!!!!
all my kisses and hugs for a special person!!!